The Grand Canyon is immeasurably vast and indescribably grand, from the ant's-view of a boat plying the rapids from Lee's Ferry to Diamond Peak, descending from Kaibab through Toroweap to Tapeats and beyond, into the Vishnu beneath the Great Unconformity--the photographic journey of a lifetime, in the company of a master like Gary Ladd.

   Since the wet plates of O'Sullivan, the Photographer's Egg has been the quest to convey this grandeur in the small compass afforded by the lens. My goal is more modest.  I have focused instead on ephemera - reflections on the silver and alum-white and azure and viridian and blood red, ever-changing, Colorado, and reflections from the two-billion year old black Vishnu schist at the bottom of the gorge, glazed with a film as slippery as ice and as iridescent as Murano glass.  The wonders of the Canyon are as great in microcosm as macrocosm, in transience as in protean permanence.